About The President Of American Game Fowl Society
Anthony Saville
Born in South Africa in 1944.  Has kept and shown Game fowl for fifty years.  Moved to the USA in 1993 and is a proud Naturalized American.

Became a Judge in South Africa for Game fowl in 1977. 3 Hour written examination and passed with 96%.   Then to qualify had to judge the class at the Championship show after the other judges already had judged the classes and had to be at least 90% the same as the other Judges   If there was any discrepancy had to defend the reason for differing from the other judge.

Judged and Qualified other new Judges at the Championship show and has taken Major awards at the South African Championship show when showing and not Judging..  

Helped the Association for the Preservation of Game fowl (APG) as a judge at their shows in California.  
Just in case you think Anthony does not know other poultry he is also a qualified Australorp Judge as well.

Anthony was accredited as a Judge to Judge the Oxford Old English Game Fowl for the Oxford Old English Game Fowl Club in South Africa.       

The American Game Fowl Society has appointed Anthony Saville as the first Oficially Qualified American Game Fowl judge qualified to judge American Game Fowl and American Game Fowl Bantams.

In 1994 at an American A.P.A. show Anthony?s bird shown was disqualified for Yellow Legs and an inferior bird with white legs was placed First.  ?Why should showmen like you all have to put up with some trait that some individual thinks we need.?

American Game Fowl are not Old English Game and need to be accepted as a stand alone breed. 

The reason Anthony compiled and produced the Standard of Perfection for the American Game Fowl was to ensure that some or other person who does not KNOW one end of an American  Game Fowl from the other supplies a Standard which does not apply to our American Game.   Then we and all our Future Game fowl enthusiasts are stuck with a Standard that could not work.    Worse than that the AMERICAN Gamefowl in all their beauty could be lost forever.

The specialist Breed Society the  AMERICAN GAMEFOWL SOCIETY. Has been formed to look after all the needs of the American Game Fowl and to submit the Show Standard for affiliation with the A.P.A. American Poultry Association.    Our Gamefowl are not just some other chickens.    They are part of our Proud American Heritage.

That is the reasoning behind Anthony's decision to present the Show Standard for AMERICAN GAME FOWL. 

Our Game fowl need some help now and for all the pleasure they have given me it is my pleasure to return to help our Proud Heritage.  GOD bless America and our American Game fowl.