Know The Benefits of Green Smoothies Once a Day

Everybody is a busy body these days. It is common to hear people vent about the fact that they simply do not have the time for homemade meals or even healthy snacks. This is where the well-known green smoothie blend comes in to be a part of one’s daily diet.

But what is exactly so amazing about this particular dietary pattern?

To begin with, a green smoothie diet consists of consuming low-calorie produce like fruits and vegetables for a specific period of time. The drink is homemade mainly from green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale and can include other ingredients like berries, yoghurt, almond milk and variety of fruits.

Not only is it a convenient method to have a substantial amount of healthy calories, but it also comes in handy when people are too busy to prepare a complete meal. While there may be certain fruits or vegetables that an individual is not fond of, they can still get its health benefits by mixing it into the smoothie.

Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure a healthily balanced preparation of the green smoothie:

Greens have to be the primary component

The most appealing part of the smoothie is the amount of greens, and it should never be compromised. Add spinach, celery, lettuce, kale and others can put in milder amounts like cucumber and celery.

Glycemic Index

While adding fruits to the mix, it is important to keep in mind that they should be of low glycemic index. These can include strawberries, oranges kiwi and plums. The quantity and which fruit to have in the smoothie can vary depending on the person’s taste.

Benefits of Green Smoothies as Usage of supplements

At times, vegetables and fruits are not sufficient in terms of garnering the required amounts of nutrients. Hence, supplements can be used to fill in the missing quantity. Some of these include flax seeds (fibre), various nuts (protein) and avocado (healthy fat).

Much like everything else, this smoothie blend has its advantages and disadvantages. It may serve as an easy fix for many health problems but possesses side-effects that can come into action, if the diet is planned without meticulous caution.

The positive points of green smoothie diet

Leads to loss of weight
As green smoothies consist of low calories overall, weight loss is a natural outcome. It is also due the fact that the blend contains the right quantities of vitamins, carbs, fibre and healthy fats that serves as a safe and healthy passage for losing weight.

Helps with digestion
Since the ingredients are mixed together to form a liquid, the structure of the plant cells is broken into fragments, which improves digestion. This is also seen to be more effective than chewing salads, when it comes to the body absorbing nutrients.

Level of antioxidants
The individual’s body receives a high level of antioxidants due to the consumption of green vegetables and fruits through the dietary plan. This also increases the immune system’s chances of fighting against diseases and infections and staying fit. Reference from Add Form

These smoothies offer more energy for longer periods of time, as opposed to eating vegetables and fruits in their natural form. The sugar level is balanced due to the amount of greens present in it.

Pros and Cons of Drinking Green Smoothie

When it comes to trying to a new diet for the first time, it certainly requires a bit of experimentation. Healthy as it may be, it is costly as well to purchase the necessary ingredients and keep trying till you get the right mix.

Taking this up as a diet plan means having to make large scale adjustments from regular eating habits and eliminating a lot of other foods. Due to these sudden dietary changes, some people may go through temporary periods of feeling fatigue or having headaches.

Missing nutrients
In the absence of proper planning and caution, this is the kind of dietary intake that might result in deficiency of nutrients such as certain vitamins (D, B12), zinc and iron.

While greens are healthy, they have a high oxalate level, which in the long run can lead to health problems if consumed excessively.

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