Saville Birchens
The Saville Birchens are the result of an intensive breeding program started in 1994 until the current breeding program where all specimens breed true to color within the Birchen color variations. The birds have been continually culled and tested for temperament, Gameness and breeding functionality. Today they are my most fertile Game Fowl family and my latest hatches of biddies has been 13 out of 14 eggs and 12 out of 12 eggs (October 2005).

Birchens in the following colors: Ginger Red/ Pumpkin,Yellow, Canary, Silver and Fig Pudding marbled breast specimens.

Colonel Givens Hatch
The Colonel Givens Hatch have been continually linebred since 1992 with an extra Spangle hen being added to the program from Ricky Smith in 1996. Most of my birds come Spangled and weigh between 5 lbs and 5.8 lbs. These are some really clever Honest and Game fast chickens. They come true to type with very little variation.

Yellow Leg Hatch
The Yellow leg Hatch fowl came from Herman Collins in Oklahoma in 1993. The family are sex linked and all the male chicks come with Yellow legs and the female chicks come with green legs. They used to be really mean but I have selected more docile cocks to breed with. Today they are a really well balanced family that are still trying as hard 30 minutes into a sparring session as when they start.
Doc Robinson Hatch
My green leg Hatch are from the Doc Robinson line and are really excellent tall station birds fitting exactly the requirements of the American Game Fowl Standards of Perfection. I am really proud of the quality of my breeding stock with some excellent specimens.
Johnny Jumper Greys
Last but not least is a family of Greys that I have line bred since 1994. The family originally came from Jumper greys. The hens all come Light Brown and alike and the Cocks are all basically Silver Greys sometimes marked with Birchen Brown on the shoulders. Most of the cocks are over 5 lbs clever, strong, hard and tough. They keep on trying. They are medium station with long strong wings. These birds are strong.
No fowls sold in violation of the 1976 Animal Welfare Act, Federal,, State or Local.